Phoebe is an artist and educator.

Completing a BA in Fine Art Painting (1st Class Honours) in 1999 and a BD Interior Design (1st Class Honours) in 2005. 

Since 2007 Phoebe has been involved with higher education as a full time lecturer in the interior design program in the School of Architecture & Urban Design at RMIT University, Melbourne. Presently she is coordinator of 4th year. She teaches design studio to 2nd & 3rd year students and supervises final year students undertaking a self-directed thesis project.

Through the exploration of Interiority in both practice, teaching and research Phoebe refers to the discipline of interior design as one that can expand upon its conventions; moving away from the assumption the interior is limited to architecture and to the inside of the rooms within a built environment. Through her creative practice and educational projects Phoebe is committed to the expansion of interior design practice. She considers the interior not as a static condition but as relational, situational, in dynamic relationship with the environment, with the outside, with forces, such as time and atmosphere.

Phoebe is currently in the final stage of a Ph.D by Project, titled Surface       Encounter at RMIT University, in the School of Architecture & Urban Design. Her PhD explores surface through multiple philosophical concepts that address notions of encounter, attentiveness and sensation. The practice-led PhD research engages with delicate processes of intervention, in varying conditions, sites and contexts. She approaches surface through sculptural processes, material arrangement and rearrangement, photography and film. 

The practice engages with surfaces through the production of material arrangement and rearrangement, that intend to bring an attentiveness to the surface as a place of occurrence. These processes aim to incite attentiveness to that which is subtle, delicate and perhaps unnoticed to bring affect and sensation to the surface.