Academic Position

Lecturer at RMIT University, Melbourne

4th Year Coordinator in the Bachelor Interior Design (Honours) program in the School of Architecture & Urban Design



PhD by project, RMIT University 2009 – present. Titled Surface       Encounter

Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning 2010

BD Interior Design (Honours) RMIT University 2005

BA Fine Art (Honours) RMIT University 1999


Teaching Practice

Since 2007 Phoebe has been involved with higher education as a full time lecturer in the Interior Design program in the School of Architecture & Urban Design at RMIT University, Melbourne. She has coordinated and taught into 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. Phoebe’s current position is the coordinator of 4th year, which is the final year of the Interior Design program. She continues to teach design studio to 2nd & 3rd year students and supervises 4th year students in their self-directed thesis project.

Phoebe's research has flowed directly into to her teaching. She considers each of her studios as projects, in which she can explore ideas and approaches in relationship to surface. Through her teaching the Interior is regarded not as a fixed place or static condition but a situation, and one that is in dynamic relation with its milieu, with its outside forces and temporality.

In each studio Phoebe has collaborated with other practitioners in order to examine surface from various discipline perspectives. From Landscape Architecture, Photography to Lighting Design and Curation, Phoebe's studio are a place for experimentation and research. This mode and approach to teaching is instrumental in informing her creative research practice and conversely her creative research practice informs her teaching.